Identify, select and
meet top 20% talents
-the best fit, faster.
Best-in-class AI technology and science to hire
candidates with Lykos Talent Acquisition System.


Find the right Candidates - at scale

As a recruiter, you need to close the open vacancies the soonest and to do so you need to have accurate
information about your candidates and know about them before meeting them. Reduce the time to hire
and identify high-performance candidates with Lykos’ Talent Acquisition System.

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AI -powered Role Screening: Identify and Select the best fit among thousands of applicants and prioritize your interviews with those who are more likely to succeed in a role than those who are “like me” using Ethical AI.
Candidate Details: Match your crietria with talent by Job Description, CV fit, soft skills, hard skills, job functions, titles, and years of experience, and more.
Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI): Build more inclusive teams to support diversity, inclusion and equity strategies.


Get data analytics on your talents to empower your decisions

Reveal in real-time hiring opportunities within your pipeline:

Data-driven predictions: Reveal future job performance of all your candidates based on job success predictivir analytics for any role.
Science made easy: Backed by the latest cutting-edge technology and validated research, Lykos’ AI models have been vetted, tested and validated by PhDs from Harvard and Yale Universities.
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Streamline your pipeline for ultimate efficiency

Publish open roles, build talent pools, and track progress in every stage of the hiring process with Lykos built-in ATS.

Lykos Talent Acquisition System empowers your team with powerful features in every step to manage vacancies and high potential candidates hassle-free.
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A Human Touch: Provide all your applicants, successful or
not, with automated emails & coaching tips.

Maintaining the right professional image is hard while everyone seeks feedback on their application. Lykos automated communications
provides your applicants with feedback along the stages at your applicants notification centre and tailored coaching tips.

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Integrate data with your
existing HR system of
choice and elevate existing processes

Seamless integration and direct access to your data
with Applicant Tracking Systems such as Workday, Lever, UKG, SAP, Taleo and more.

Reach out to us for the full list of integrations or if you are looking for a custom integration with your existing system.
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All-in-One platform made for you

Reach out to high performance candidates

Identify your future talents in an objective manner

Keep track of your pipelines at every step

Spend more time to talk to qualified candidates

Set up a wider talent pool and qualify top talents out of hundreds, thousands or more

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