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AI-powered employee evaluation software. A bias-free solution and best friend of your Learning & Development executives.

When Hard Skills meet Soft Skills and create the optimum Career Path.

All-in-One Solution to create your future-ready high performance teams.

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Identify High Performers

Optimize talents for career succession and further development.


Power your learning

Take your Learning & Development Plan to the next level.


Plan with confidence

Create targeted Learning and Development Plans with accuracy.

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Our powerful artificial intelligence will deliver real metrics that measure success and drive impact for your business.


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Log in to your dashboard and you will get in-depth analytics of your team’s development capabilities for growth in real-time. Effective.

Extract Accurate Career Path (ACCAPA)


Your talents and team evolution in just one click

Extract the person’s or team’s accurate career path (ACCAPA) learning about the mindsets, skills, and behaviors to drive performance and diversity without human bias… AI at its best

A tailor-made solution for you.

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Slide over the number of talents you want to optimize and bring your team to the next high level of efficiency.

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85% Decrease of Hiring Time


600% Success Rate Increase


7 Hours Saved per Candidate Screening


Lykos is designed by industry professionals committed to Corporate Efficiency. We are looking to an accurate results-oriented, work future regardless of industry or company size. We identify, select, optimize and retain the right talents for the right positions. Is our vision in-line with yours?

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