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Lykos guarantees a screening interview and career optimization for every hospitality professional. Also connects the best hospitality brands with the best hospitality talents.

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Who Do We Support

Lykos supports the hospitality and services sectors from two sides, the talent side and the employers side.

Firstly, we support the side of the talent that works in the industry by helping talent grow and optimize their futures via our uniquer assessment process.

Secondly, Lykos provides solutions to all employers that require talented service professionals to enhance any customer service experience, whether that be front of house, back of house or administrative roles. We provide those hiring with a selection of the best and brightest talents from the Lykos Success Engine database.

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Follow the quick and easy Lykos talent profile set up to get your free career assessment, a guaranteed screening interview, personality insights and to get hunted for your dream job!

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