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Hire Smarter,
Achieve Faster.

AI-powered platform that streamlines HR processes and elevates team performance. Predict, hire, manage and grow productive teams effortlessly with Lykos AI HR Assistants.

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Optimized Processes and Insights Delivered in Minutes, Not Months

The HR solution professionals want. Yes, really.

Reduce Time-to-Hire by 75%

Identify the right talent in minutes with AI HR Assistants & reduce repetitive hiring tasks with automated workflows . Quickly source top candidates with your internal marketplace that grows as you go.

Get Comprehensive Candidate Insights

Gain in-depth understanding with real-time analytics. Avoid costly errors and make accurate decisions faster than your competitors. AI-driven insights equip you with the knowledge to stay ahead.

Promote Diversity and Inclusion

Eliminate bias inherent in traditional hiring and talent management. With Lykos, use a unified platform to prevent misaligned hires and reduce resignations of valuable employees.

Loved by Recruiting and HR Teams

Lykos is designed for professionals seeking data-driven strategies to make informed decisions and drive success


  • Leverage our ATS and automated scheduling for a seamless talent pipeline.
  • Boost engagement with predictive hiring technology for bias-free screening.
  • Implement recruitment automation and analytics for streamlined hiring.

Talent Acquisition

  • Use AI-powered tools on Marketplace for effective sourcing and branding.
  • Employ DEI practices for diverse talent pools.
  • Utilize insights and metrics for robust acquisition strategies.

Talent Management

  • Foster development with career pathing and recognition programs.
  • Use HR analytics and performance tools to improve skills and performance.
  • Implement talent pool and diversity strategies for an efficient workforce.

Seamless integration on all platforms

Effortlessly integrate Lykos with your existing HR systems and start optimizing your processes instantly. Whether enhancing your current setup or using Lykos as a powerful standalone platform, our built-in tools provide immediate, impactful results.

The process

You Won’t Look Back. Promise.

Impact Your HR in Three Simple Steps.


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