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Optimizing Your Hiring Process

Quickly identify and prioritize the right candidates with advanced analytics and workflow automation.

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Prioritize Strategic Hiring, Minimize Manual Work

Leverage dual AI architecture and a built-in Applicant Tracking System (ATS) to streamline your hiring process. Deliver an exceptional candidate experience while automating repetitive tasks and focusing on what truly matters: finding the best talent.

Lykos Hiring Solutions

Effortless SmartScreen

Rapidly identify candidates without manual screening, saving time and resources. Our AI-driven SmartScreen technology quickly filters and ranks top candidates based on your criteria, ensuring you never miss the best talent.

Insightful SmartScreen+

Predict candidate performance with unparalleled accuracy. SmartScreen+ gathers comprehensive data within minutes, providing you with deep insights to make informed hiring decisions swiftly.

Advanced Analytics

Utilize prescriptive and predictive analytics to make data-driven decisions. Forecast future job performance and strategically plan your hires to align with organizational goals.

Seamless ATS Integration

Manage the entire hiring process effortlessly with our built-in ATS. From application to onboarding, ensure a smooth, efficient, and engaging experience for both your HR team and candidates.

Enhanced Candidate Experience

Provide a seamless and engaging experience for all candidates. Our platform ensures clear, timely communication and a streamlined process that keeps candidates informed and satisfied.

More accurate predictions of success
Chance of bias
Candidate satisfaction

Experience the Future of Talent Management

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Lykos uses advanced prescriptive and predictive analytics combined with SmartScreen technology to accurately screen candidates, ensuring the best matches for your roles.

SmartScreen+ predicts candidate performance, providing comprehensive information in minutes, helping you make informed hiring decisions quickly.

Our ATS manages the entire hiring process, from application to onboarding, ensuring a seamless and efficient experience for both HR teams and candidates.

Yes, Lykos is designed to be compatible with various HR systems, allowing for seamless integration and enhanced operational efficiency.

Lykos ensures a smooth and rewarding candidate experience by streamlining the hiring process and providing clear, timely communication throughout the application journey.


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