• Hunt or Be Hunted - Connecting the most dynamic hospitality talent with the best hospitality organizations.
  • Lykos is designed by professionals for professionals to produce a portal that provides incredible value.
  • We are driven by ethics and support our community, that believes in spending time in the right places.


To create a portal that delivers absolute value to business owners, employers and candidates in the hospitality recruitment sector.


To create the leading global hospitality portal.


  • Our sole purpose is to assist career seekers and organizations to reach each other and to create remarkable teams in the hospitality industry.
  • By fusing industry insight and need with tech, we have created a portal that allows candidates to find their dream jobs and employers their perfect candidates
  • The recruitment industry is no longer about writing a good CV, it is about matching the needs requirements, personalities and skillsets of both employer and candidate.
  • We add value as we efficiently process candidates on behalf of business owners in order to provide them with assets. We deliver the best fit and the best value.
  • We aim to deliver add 'an unparalleled candidate experience' and save time, money and effort.