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About us

Lykos was founded in 2019 in Dubai by hospitality experts with first-hand experience of the major recruitment challenges of our time; with characteristics like seasonal work, customer service and high employee turnover, the hospitality sector combines and magnifies the challenges that all hiring managers face today.

This drove our founders to create Lykos.

Challenges we know well


Customer service

Seasonal work

High employee turnover


Fast, volume and recurring hires/retention

Soft skills, hard skills & experience screening

Clear job expectations, excellent talent experience, strong employer brand

What we have achieved

We teamed up with Ivy League researchers, data scientists and former Fortune 500 executives to build a high-accuracy, AI-powered screening tool to measure 40 power skills essential for all industries.

Knowing well the advantages of focalizing the many aspects of recruitment and human resources management in one place, we built and are constantly evolving the Lykos platform to serve as your one-stop solution for hiring and talent management.

How we’re doing




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