We Enable Self-Discovery
Through AI.
Hunt or Be Hunted - Connecting the most dynamic talents
with the best organization.

Founded in 2019 in Dubai, Lykos is designed by professionals for professionals, visionaries and business owners to produce a talent ecosystem that adds value and helps personal and organizational growth based on data.

Companies in 1+ countries
Live in 1 continent

We’ve come a long way
and it’s only the beginning


Our sole purpose is to assist career seekers and organizations to reach each other and to create remarkable teams.

By fusing industry insight and need, with tech, we use hi-end tech to create an AI Talent Management Ecosystem that allows candidates to find their dream jobs and employers the best fit for their companies.

The talent seeking industry is no longer about writing a good CV, it is about matching the needs, requirements, personalities and skillsets of both employer and candidate.

We add value as we efficiently process candidates on behalf of business owners in order to provide their companies with assets. We deliver the best fit for the right position, offering the best possible value to maximum efficiency.

This way the companies save time, money and effort.

Our mission is to empower companies with
state-of-the-art AI Solutions in Talent Management

Lykos Portal & Cangrade, a Unique and Dynamic Duo


Results-driven, bias-free hiring

Harness the power of AI to build and retain successful, equitable teams with Cangrade.


Individual and group training and optimization programs tailor-made especially to fit your needs. Learn. Evolve. Excel.


Simplicity is our hallmark

ARK provides solutions which are simple, free of jargon, fast to implement and easy to upskill within the team of the client thus enabling transfer of knowledge and continuity of initiatives.


Power your learning

Pocket Trainer was designed to address the everyday pain points of managers within the Food and Beverage industry. Allowing managers to create, curate and share up to date inhouse information.

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