Frequently Asked Questions – F.A.Q.

What is Lykos Portal for Candidates?

Lykos is the platform, that helps you get hired based on your competences. While revealing your professional fit for a specific role with leading hospitality organizations.

There are many role but different types, what does this mean ?
Lykos is the first platform that segregates the candidates for them to be the fit in a company aiming longevity with the company and success on the role. Lykos is focusing on the type of service provided as a filter to better classify candidates to the right position with better chances of success.

High End Restaurants – Those are award winning restaurants serving the highest standards in our industry. Fine Dining or Lifestyle Dining is the type of service in these operations. If you are looking for a job with Iconic restaurants holding Michelin Star(s), Rosette(s), AAA ratings and/or are restaurants in the 100 Best Restaurants of the World. Then this is the role screening that you must select, along with the relevant role that you wish us to match you with. Also, are a category of the Stand-alone establishments, aka independent establishments. Those venues are brands operated with no relation to a hotel.

Restaurants/ Bars/ Lounges - Casual+ - Those are the upscale casual restaurants. Still, they might be serving high standards and have fast paced service. Yet they chose a different positioning for their brand. If you are looking for a job with award winning or not establishments. Then this is the role screening that you must select, along with the relevant role that you wish us to match you with.

Q.S.R. – Those are the Quick Service Restaurants, if you are looking for a job with branded chain of restaurants then this is what you need to select.

All Segments – Those are reflection to all types of business that Lykos serves and usually apply for managerial and office roles.

There are other categories served by Lykos, yet we hope that those are self-explanatory. Those are Airlines, Cruise Lines, Hotels, Suppliers and Supermarkets.

How Lykos can help me ?

Lykos can help you in multiple ways.

  1. We can help you find a job where you can be successful.
  2. For those completing the role screening. We help by providing you with a report on your strengths and development dynamics with coaching tips. It helps you to see your strengths and your fit for your chosen role.
  3. On top of those, we provide you with a free career optimization to identify your future career paths.

We guarantee a Role Screening and a custom report, to every hospitality professional looking for an opportunity.

What is Role Screening ?

Lykos A.I. Role Screening, is an automated process based on high-tech and hiring relevant Sciences. Which allows your true potential, to be shared with multiple recruiters. It is an objective and bias-free way to get you hired for your merit. Like this, Companies can focus on the human, instead of the CV and the background. To do so, register, go to build your basic profile and select the primary role that you are looking to get hunted for. After completing the primary role screening. You can choose up to five (5) different secondary roles. Input some basic details and start Role Screening. Try to answer without thinking too much, as there are no right or wrong answers. Just be relaxed and answer what you believe describes you best.
For more info please contact
For technical support please contact
Am I getting charged for the A.I. Role Screening? No. Your Role Screening is free

How do I register ?

Go to the “Register” button on the top right of your screen. Choose the section as Candidate make sure you put the right info and phone number and choose your role. Then simply log in and complete all the aspects of your profile. Or opt to login with an existing social account.

Which role should I choose ?

Choose the role that that you looking to get hired for, in the industry. Or the Role’s “Required Screening” from the “Job Overview” section.

What do I choose if I cannot find my exact role?

In case you don’t find your exact role, then always choose the closest role that you looking to be consider for. For example, if you are a headwaiter in high-end restaurants you may choose "restaurant supervisor/ head waiter – high-end restaurants''. If you are a supervisor in a hotel outlet you may choose ''food & beverage supervisor – hotels''. Or if the job requires a specific screening i.e chef de rang – high end restaurants, then choose this from the dropdown menu as a primary or secondary role.

How do I apply?

To apply to any job, you need to be a registered member of Lykos Portal and to have performed your Role Screening.  Simply, register to complete your basic profile and select the primary role. At your personal dashboard. Then Lykos will match you with current and future jobs that become available on our site. You will receive notifications in the roles we match you with, to your dashboard and by email.

What available opportunities are there?

Opportunities are endless with Lykos! As soon as you complete, your Basic Profile and Role Screening, Lykos Portal will do the hard work for you. Just make sure all your details are correct and up to date.

Where do I upload my CV?

You can upload your CV/Resume after your register. Go to your Dashboard, you'll find the section where you can upload. If you face any difficulties try a different web browser.

Is my Role Screening Biased?

Your Role Screening is bias free – guaranteed. We are committed to your success and aim our society to provide with equal opportunities. Therefore, we constantly working to ensure that algorithms show no adverse impact against any legally protected demographic group (i.e, gender, age, ethnicity)

What can deem my Role Screening invalid?

There are three (3) main reasons.

  1. You completed too fast, less than 15 minutes
  2. Dropped out during the session.
  3. You didn’t click Submit and Done at the last stage of Screening

What if I just click random answers?

Would you give random answers to your future employer? - You wouldn’t. Also, this is another reason for an invalid Role Screening.

My results aren’t displaying after I finished my Role Screening. Why?

Most common reason is you completed too fast i.e less than 14 minutes. Or you dropped the out in the middle of the Screening. If you need any assistance, contact

For how long my profile is valid ?

Your profile and role screening will be active for one year from the date of registration. After the year we will remind you to redo the process.

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