Frequently Asked Questions – F.A.Q.

What is Lykos for Candidates?

Lykos is a platform that helps you to better understand your success dynamics and professional fit for a specific role. It reveals your development strengths and dynamic developments, along with coaching tips. By taking a pre-employment A.I. assessment, the system generates a report on your traits for the chosen role. It helps you to see your strengths and your fit for your chosen roles. It also allows recruiters to see your potential and hunt you for the role.

I am a Candidate. Am I getting charged for the assessment?

No. You have 2 free assessments per year renew automatically. If you want to complete a 3rd assessment, please contact

Are there any charges involved for Candidates?

No. Lykos currently provides candidates with two complimentary assessments per year. You should be utilizing those assessments every 6 months and to get insights on your progress.

How do I register?

Go and click the start hunting button on the upper right corner of your screen, choose the section as a Candidate, make sure you put the right info and phone number and select your role. Log in and we will ask you to verify your account, check your inbox and spam/junk folder, click to activate. Then simply go to your dashboard and complete all the aspects of your profile.

Which role should I choose?

Choose the role that is closer to be your current role or the role that you looking to get hired for in the industry. For example, if you are a headwaiter in high-end restaurants, you may choose "restaurant supervisor/ head waiter – high-end restaurants". If you are a supervisor in a hotel outlet, you may select food & beverage supervisor – hotels.

Why there are many different roles for bar managers and other roles?

Lykos is the first platform that helps the Candidates to get hired for their Personality. Aiming longevity with the company and success on the role.

How do I apply ?

At Lykos you hunt or get hunted for a role. Lykos Talent Board is where you can search for Companies looking for talent. Go to Find Jobs and browse on the current listings. Companies set specific requirements on Personality Assessment and Country of Residence, for their consideration. That's not all! Job seekers get to share their profiles – complete with our innovative A.I. job assessment test results – for recruiters to review. We offer a bias-free overview of candidates for recruiters. Lykos is a unique and new way for job seekers to get hunted for roles based on their competencies.

What available opportunities are there?

Opportunities are endless with Lykos! As soon as you take the A.I. assessment and answer the evaluation questions, Lykos will do the hard work for you. We make your profile available for recruiters to see. Make sure you completed your profile with up to date information so you can be visible to recruiters.

Where do I upload my CV?

Your CV can be uploaded in the Basic Info Section in PDF format.

What is Stand Alone Establishments?

Stand-alone establishments or Independent establishment are venues which are not brands directly owned or run by Hotels.

Why there is High-End Venues / Casual + / QSR and other classifications in the Role section?

Lykos is focusing on the type of service provided by the operators, as a filter to classify better candidates to the right position with better chances of success.

Why do I need to get an assessment?

Lykos is committed to put the right people to the right position faster than any other platform. Speed and accuracy is our main highlight of the system. In order to speed up your chances for success, we ask you to spend 15 - 30 minutes and take the assessment.

Are the assessment Biased?

Our assessments are bias-free – guaranteed. We are committed to your success and aim our society to provide with equal opportunities. Therefore we constantly working to ensure that our assessments and algorithms show no adverse impact against any legally protected demographic group (i.e, gender, age, ethnicity)

What can deem my assessment invalid?

There are two main reasons. A. You completed too fast B. Dropped out during the session.

What if I click random answers, while in an assessment?

There is another reason for an invalid assessment. Our algorithms will detect if assessments are not being completed accurately.

Do I need to retake the assessment?

Ideally, the assessment should be taken every 6 months to track development and career optimization. This will help candidates to make better career decisions. On the other hand, if your assessment has been identified as not valid due to fast responses or drop out. Then in order to be visible to recruiters, you'll need to retake the assessment.

My results aren't displaying after I took the assessment

Most common reason is that the assessment was completed too fast i.e less than 14 minutes. Or you dropped the assessment while completing; resulting in a non-complete assessment. If you need any assistance contact