Know better, sooner which
which candidate is your best fit
Attract top candidates and offer them a seamless recruitment
experience, while reducing time, resources and effort to hire

Hire it works

Personalized Setup and Tailored Assessments

At Lykos, we go the extra mile for you. Unlike other solutions where you have to set up everything yourself, we assist you in creating on-brand job posts and tailored skills assessments. Integrate Lykos seamlessly into your ATS or existing hiring workflow, or use our in-build ATS.

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Take it easy while candidates prepare their applications

With Lykos, we make the process a breeze for both you and your applicants. Our platform does the legwork to screen, match and rank soft skills, hard skills and CV fit according to your priorities.

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Check in anytime

We know well the importance of having the flexibility and full control over the process to review and filter your applicant pool so as to choose the best candidates fast and use automated tools to advance or provide feedback while building a strong hiring brand.

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Streamlined Workflow and Great Candidate Experience

Say goodbye to the headaches of manual processes. Lykos streamlines your talent acquisition workflow, making it easy for you to automate administrative tasks. Track and toggle application status updates through your dashboard, automate interview scheduling, and more. At the same time, you create a great candidate experience, which is essential to attracting the best talent.

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Data-Driven Hiring Decisions

Make informed hiring decisions with Lykos Talent AI.

Our AI-powered models measure 40 power skills, All hard skills and the candidate’s professional experience to match the right talent to your needs

Whether “Hiring Manager” is one of the many hats you wear or you are a recruiter looking to hire at scale, our platform enables you to hire easier, faster and once.

Start implementing your DE&I strategy using bias-free ability and soft skills-based candidate assessments, even if you don’t have one yet.

Build a strong employer brand and reciprocity with your candidates by offering them an opportunity for self-discovery and skills development tips, regardless of your hiring decision.

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