Science-Based Talent
Improve Hire Quality. Employee Performance, and Growth.

We design a future where the talent journey is
based on merit, not bias.

Our science team over the last decade has researched the most robust and equitable predictors of job performance and satisfaction. We discovered that the strongest, bias-free predictors were personality traits and soft skills.

That’s why we’ve developed bias-free Talent AI that helps organizations make equitable, data-backed talent decisions, improve the quality of their hires and employees while being fair while leadership maintains compliance with AI regulations.

Our platform uses Ethical AI a holistic approach to screen, considering personality traits, soft skills, and job fit. Our Ethical AI algorithms account for the complex interactions between these qualities and characteristics to produce holistic fit. We use a heuristic approach, simulating complex human analysis strategies using cutting-edge Machine Learning techniques, to continuously optimize models that produce success and remove bias to discover high potential people for each role.

We are committed to removing any adverse impact or bias from the talent management lifecycle. Our bias-free technology ensures that no EEOC-protected group has an advantage or disadvantage on our competence testing and insights.


Foster diversity, equity and inclusion in your workplace by hiring candidates from a wider range of backgrounds and managing your workforce of hight potential

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Reduce bias in your talent management processes and ensure that people are evaluated fairly.

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Hire and Grow the best people that will stay

Our platform helps you discover people with high potential who are most likely to be successful in your roles.

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Improve compliance

We follow current and upcoming, state and federal AI regulations, so your hiring practices always stay up-to-date.

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talent management process within a week.

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