People Powered by Your
Business Data.
Lykos is bridging the gap to between corporate
trainings and hyper-targeted traning programs.


Pump up customer experience

Entice your customers to engage regularly with your client facing employees by offering unparalel experiences and highly trained ambassadors

Hire for attitude, train for skills: Get data to know who to train based on their natural capabilities and maximize ROI
Stay ambitious, keep learning: Individual and group training and optimization programs tailor-made especially to fit your needs. Learn. Evolve. Excel.

We train to get the best, out of the best, using the best


Simplicity is our hallmark

ARK provides solutions which are simple, free of jargon, fast to implement and easy to upskill within the team of the client thus enabling transfer of knowledge and continuity of initiatives.


Power your learning

Pocket Trainer was designed to address the everyday pain points of managers within the Food and Beverage industry. Allowing managers to create, curate and share up to date inhouse information.

Convert your talents to valuable result-driven assets.

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